Ice Palletizer System

Our sister company, Raesco, is a leader in packaged ice palletizing. Raesco ice palletizers are known as "a model of simplicity and strength."


What is an ice palletizer?

An ice palletizer is an automatic palletizer that takes bagged ice or frozen product from a conveyor system and then palletizes the product in a refrigerated chamber.

Raesco Ice Palletizer

About the Raesco line of ice palletizers:

We offer single chamber units (Series 100) and dual chamber units (Series 200).  This cost effective solution uses uncomplicated design principles and reliable brand name components to ensure serviceability and ease of operation.  99.5% of service related issues are handled over the phone.  This is a testament to the equipment's ease of use and serviceability by the end user.  We’re proud of our accomplishments and are truly passionate about serving the Packaged Ice Industry and the good people who work in it.  From outstanding performance to unmatched support (days, nights, weekends and holidays), Raesco has proven itself to be the leader in Packaged Ice Palletizing.

The Raesco Series 100/200 is designed to be user friendly.  Our patent pending design is “A Model of Simplicity and Strength.”  Check out what Packaging Digest has to say about Raesco!

Series 100/200 Features

  • Up to 45 cases or bags per minute
  • Carbon steel painted or stainless steel construction
  • Brand name components
  • Servo control for speed and accuracy
  • 230/480 v -3 phase power
  • WEB server for remote diagnostic or program change
  • PLC with touch screen control
  • Easily converts single chamber to dual chamber
  • Auto product reject system


Safety                                                      Check out this video of a Raesco Ice Palletizer System:

  • ANSI/OSHA approved
  • Completely safe guarded
  • Lock out/tag out
  • Multiple emergency stops


Color Touch Screen Control

  • Diagnostics
  • Product change
  • Production statistics
  • Layer and pattern setup
  • I/O manual control
  • Password protected


Servo Control Index System

  • Precision
  • Reliability
  • Speed
  • Top quality conveyors


Robust Construction

  • Stainless steel
  • Powder coated carbon steel
  • UHMWPE or STSL where product makes contact
  • Grade 8 fasteners


     Palletizer Features

  • 40 x 48 GMA or Chep Pallets
  • Manually remove pallet and replace
  • Series 100 - production never stops
  • Series 200 - pallet change 1 - 2 minutes
  • Load walls expand and retract for tight pallet load
  • Small foot print, 100 - 200 square/feet
  • Cost effective, quick return on investment
  • Air: 100 PSI at 10 scfm
  • Servo control for speed and accuracy

     Palletize up to 1 ton per pallet

  • Bags
  • Cases
  • Trays
  • Shrink Bundles


Our machines palletize it all, from ice bags and cartons to frozen bins and trays and everything in between.  We also carry a full line of semi automatic, low level infeed, high level infeed, and robotic palletizers.  We are a company dedicated to serving your palletizing and end of line packaging needs.  Contact us today for more information on our products and systems.